About us


I started studying music at the age of 9 in my hometown’s, Piera’s, music school. I stopped playing the piano when I was 13 and barely played until the age of 20. By that time, I was studying Journalism and Humanities at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, but I realized that a career in those degrees wasn’t going to fulfil me.

I kept going, with University, but went back to music, studying one year on my own, then two years in a music school. That got me ready to access the Professional Conservatory of Badalona. Next June, I will finish the Medium degree in classical piano. However, I would still like to keep on developing my technique as a piano player and singer through classical pieces.

Regarding my own music, I started making songs three years ago, in my spare time while playing piano, and with no initial goal of recording them. The tracks in Nanook are my first attempt as a composer: I have a little classical harmonic knowledge but I don’t apply any of it in the songs yet; they are created through no more than intuition and my aesthetic taste - only recently have I started training this intuition through composition clases.

When I had enough songs to make an album I felt ready to record them. This album is a first affirmation of myself as a musician.