James Rhodes presents Marina Herlop

James Rhodes set out in his 2015 memoir Instrumental (Canongate UK / Blackie Books Esp.) that he wanted to form a label that would bring like minded musicians together and give them a fair shake at starting out their musical careers. James is now proud to announce, the very first signing to his label INSTRUMENTAL RECORDS – MARINA HERLOP

Marina is such an awesome talent. I've been waiting for well over a year to find the right person to sign to Instrumental Records and I know absolutely that I've found her in Marina. Nanook is an exceptional album by an extraordinary artist and I'm so proud to have her on my label.

jamesrhodes marinaherlop

Marina brings a new raw voice and piano sound to the indie solo artist thread. Glimpses of Joanna Newsom, James Blake and CocoRosie shimmer on Nanook. This is her very first album and recording. It is a very personal account and journey. The lyrics and voice are used as instrumentation bringing an innate, visceral and melancholic expression to her intuitive approach.